How Can Your Pallet Vendor Save You Time & Money?

Your pallet manufacturer can be more than just the supplier of your pallets. They can be a partner to your operations, make your life easier and save you money. Possible services include removal of used pallets and other recyclable materials and even managing your pallet inventory for you. Ask your pallet vendor about any value added services they may be able to offer.

Recycling, and Reclamation of Material

Pallets may seem to be a one way service for you.  You need them for your shipping needs but then are often stuck with piles of pallet inventory.  Most pallet manufacturers will pick up pallets that can no longer be used, saving you the trouble of removing them yourself. When delivering a load of pallets, your vendor can take those scrap pallets away, sometimes at no cost to you, and either break them down for re-manufacture, or remove them to be recycled at a later time into mulch. This saves you the expense of hauling away your recyclables, and frees up space in your factory or warehouse.

Vendor Managed Inventory 

Purchasing pallets is typically a low priority for many businesses, and that can lead to serious problems if you run out of pallets. Without pallets, your operations or shipping can be slowed or halted entirely. Waiting until the last minute to order can end up costing you if you need pallets quickly, or can lead to lost operating time. It’s a good idea to partner with a reliable pallet vendor who can manage your pallet inventory for you. With access to your production schedules, your pallet manufacturer can ensure you never run out of pallets. It’s a win-win because your pallet inventory is efficient and well stocked, and the manufacturer can better plan their fulfilment schedules.

The pallet industry is highly competitive with many manufacturers focusing on the bottom line and making the cheapest pallets available. However, your pallet manufacturer can be more than just a supplier of quality pallets for your needs.  When considering a pallet manufacturer, ask what other services they can offer, and you may find a valuable business partner.