Custom Pallets

Your facility is definitely not one size fits all — and neither are our pallets. If your merchandise requires more performance than standard 48 x 40 pallets can provide, we have the experience, staff, machines and creativity to make custom pallet solutions that are unique to your needs.

Your Business, Your Pallets

When your product isn’t typical, you’re choice of pallet providers can’t be, either. If you’re not sure what you need, tell us your concerns, your challenges and your goals. With our experience, it’s likely that we’ve encountered your situation or one that is similar. We can create custom pallets that:

  • Are compatible with forklifts.
  • Can be vertically stacked or racked in warehouses.
  • Can protect critical merchandise during shipping and in storage.
  • Can accommodate products with unusual shapes or dimensions.
  • Can tolerate extreme weight.
  • Optimize space on specialty trucks.
  • Conserve floor space.

We know what you’re thinking — ordering custom pallets will cost too much and take too long, right? Fortunately, our custom wood packaging solutions require just five days of lead time from order receipt to delivery. When it comes to cost, the price of custom pallets pales in comparison to the expenses associated with broken pallets, damaged merchandise, interrupted workflow and missed schedules. These are the stakes of settling for standard pallets when something more is needed.

When you work with JFR, you’re getting more than a pallet manufacturer. You’re getting a partner and consultant with the experience and knowledge to find solutions that meet your needs. Tell us about what you’re moving, how you’re moving it and where it will be stored. Using our PDS system (link to PDS page), we’ll help you come up with a pallet that has the right size, shape, wood grade, wood density and functionality to keep your products moving.

Want to learn more about what goes into a custom design?