Recycled Pallets

Quick Turnaround

With a 48-hour turnaround for in-stock items and an average three to five day turnaround for almost everything else, our capable staff is ready to respond quickly and efficiently. And with our Vendor Managed Inventory services, you can put the hassle of inventory tracking behind you, and enjoy receiving the right amount of pallets precisely when you need them.

Recycled pallets make both economic and environmental sense. Remanufacturing pallets with broken boards not only reduces waste, but enables businesses in many industries to save money without sacrificing quality. Using recycled pallets made from reclaimed wood preserves natural resources and costs a fraction of the price of buying new pallets.

A New Spin on Old

Broken and damaged pallets used to wind up in landfills. Instead of going to waste, today’s spent pallets gain new life as mulch, animal bedding and pellet fuel. Many, however, are not broken beyond repair and can easily be repaired and sent back into service. This is especially important in today’s market, where the price of new lumber continues to rise.

  • Recycled pallets cost roughly 33 percent less than new pallets.
  • Businesses can save up to 40 percent per trip by letting us repair damaged pallets.
  • Businesses that use recycled pallets are green by definition and can promote themselves as such.

Recycled pallets are changing the game and empowering businesses — especially those that operate under closed-loop systems, like many modern grocery stores. For customers with a regular flow of goods, we can collect their pallets after they unload, store the good ones, fix the broken ones and replace those that can’t be fixed. Then we can send them back to their supplier for use in a new shipment, eliminating inventory hiccups and the need for reordering.

Recycled pallets can be just as versatile as new pallets. Customers who operate salvage yards, for example, might order recycled pallets made of denser wood than, say, a customer who delivers snack chips. No matter what the purpose, recycling and repairing pallets saves money, reduces logistical headaches and positions businesses as environmentally sustainable.

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