Crates are a cost-effective option for merchandise that requires more protection than a pallet can provide, yet doesn’t justify the cost of a fully enclosed box. Crates are an excellent option for lighter, less-expensive merchandise that can tolerate shipping and storage with modest protection.

The Perfect Compromise

Crates are a happy medium. Compared to boxes, they provide modest security at a modest price. Lower-grade lumber is less expensive, but it is also harder to warranty. Like boxes and pallets, we can make custom crates to suit a wide variety of applications. Crates are ideal for:

  • Light merchandise that only requires protection from impact, such as bicycles.
  • Merchandise that does not need to be fully enclosed and sealed off from human contact and the elements.
  • One-way shipping: Most crates become unusable after meeting the crowbar upon delivery.
  • Shipping or storage situations that don’t involve stacking — crates are not designed to stack vertically in most situations.

Crated merchandise does not demand the level of protection that comes with an enclosed box, so crates don’t have the big price tag associated with high-grade lumber. Kiln-seasoned softwood, like pine, is sufficient for most crates, especially on the non load-bearing sides. In the end, the cost and weight of the merchandise determines the grade and thickness of the material that we use. Our expert team uses the CAD-based Solidworks program to achieve the best results every time.

Like everything we make, it’s best to involve us from the beginning. Some customers assume they need full boxes, but could actually protect their merchandise adequately with less-expensive crates. Tell us about your product, invite us to your facility, allow us to offer feedback and make suggestions. The customers who include us as consulting partners find that our experience and knowledge is as valuable as our manufacturing skills.

Do you need a crate or a box?