Shopping for a Reliable Pallet Provider? Here’s Your Checklist

Pallets are the workhorse of the packing and shipping industry. They are ubiquitous in factories, warehouses and shipping containers. Taken for granted, no one really pays attention to pallets until they are out, at which point the packaging and shipping of product grinds to a halt. Pallets are necessary to the functioning of many companies who rely on them to ship their goods, but they are often overlooked until they are gone. When shopping for pallets, companies too often prioritize price over other important factors. While every company must minimize their costs, and pallets seem an obvious choice for cost-cutting, take a moment to consider the huge role pallets play in your business and thus the importance of finding a reliable and professional pallet provider. When you are shopping for a pallet provider, consider not only price, but also service, quality and design capability.

Pallet Provider Checklist

During your search for a pallet provider, use this guide to ensure that you choose the right one for your business.

Price. This is the go or no-go factor for most companies shopping for pallets. A reliable pallet provider will work with you to find the best option for you within your price bracket. Price can also be an important indicator of service and quality. While you must consider price, keep in mind that many times a lower price means sacrificing service and quality.

Service. Why is service one of the most important qualities to look for in a provider? Pallets are something that you do not think about until you are out, but they are necessary to continue packing and shipping goods. Thus, many pallet orders are made in a rush. You need a provider that is able and willing to work with you to get your order to you quickly.

Quality. Within the pallet market, there is a wide range of quality. While a lower price is often tempting, be sure to consider the quality of the product you are receiving. Poor quality pallets can damage product, lead to problematic mold growth, and even collapse, causing loss of product and potential injury. Bargain shopping for pallets can lead to greater loss, in both income and reputation, than purchasing quality pallets at a higher price.

Design. Pallet design impacts packaging and shipping costs, and so you may want to consider choosing a pallet company that can design pallets to help minimize these expenses. Programs, such as Pallet Design System (PDS), are used by many reputable pallet companies to design and analyze pallets based on the specifications of the unit load to ensure price optimization and performance. 

While they are often overlooked, pallets are essential to the operation of businesses that must store and ship product. Pallets are responsible for the safe transport of countless dollars worth of inventory per year. Choosing a reliable pallet provider is, therefore, an important decision that should take into account price, service, quality and design.