Being an exceptional service provider starts and ends with trust. As your packaging partner, we can help you to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and ship your goods with confidence.

Pallet and Packaging Design

When standard sizes just don’t suit, get industrial wood packaging solutions such as boxes, crates, and stringer or block pallets designed to your exact specifications. With the innovative Pallet Design System (PDS) or Solidworks for box/crate design and a team of experienced experts, you can reduce costs and still receive custom quality packaging that will protect your products.

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Vendor Managed Inventory

Eliminate inventory challenges, reduce unnecessary costs, and increase efficiency with our trusted inventory management services. With real-time inventory reporting and insight into a shared production schedule, you can enjoy “just in time” inventory, and optimize delivery scheduling, precisely when you need your orders.

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Disposal Services

As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability and exceptional service, we offer environmentally friendly disposal and recycling services for your scrap pallets.

Pallet Repair

Pallet repair is an environmentally conscious, economical process that can help you reduce costs and re-use your pallets.