We exceed even the most demanding expectations by over-delivering on the promises we make to our customers. Our uncompromising commitment to quality is based on our lean manufacturing principles, and enforced by random daily audits and methodical quality checks on all incoming lumber. If any customer is not satisfied, we will respond with a corrective course of action within 24 hours.

Excellence in Manufacturing and Service

It is impossible to make any manufacturing process completely defect free — but that doesn’t keep us from trying. By using only the highest quality raw materials and a smart, strong manufacturing process, we’ve reduced our rejection rate to an incredible 0.7 percent. That means that out of 565,289 units produced, just 3,926 did not meet our high quality standards on the first try.

Even the best products are worthless if they aren’t delivered on time. For us, quality is as much about on-time delivery as it is about flawless manufacturing.

Like manufacturing defects, some delivery delays are inevitable, but we commit extra time and manpower to make those delays as rare as humanly possible. Out of 1,995 deliveries, just 40 were late, which gives us a remarkable 98 percent on-time delivery (OTD) rate. To us, quality means giving our customers peace of mind by delivering superior products when they’re needed the most.

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