Case Study: How Custom Crating Helped Transport the Front End of a Commuter Jet

The Challenge

A local plastics packaging and fiberglass products manufacturer had built the front end of a commuter jet – but then had to figure out how to transport it to the customer. Generic crate options are unsuitable for such a highly specialized product, so the company turned to J.F. Rohrbaugh for custom packaging.

Solution No. 1

The first proposal was a heavy-duty platform pallet that the client could use over and over again. We paired that with a disposable lightweight crate to cover the jet’s front end.

This plan involved the jet lying flat on the pallet, creating an oversized load. This would have required special permits and a police escort, making the transportation costs skyrocket beyond what the customer was willing to pay.

Solution No. 2

The new goal was to create a crate that could be shipped on a lowboy trailer and no longer be classified as an oversized load. We devised a custom crate that allowed the front end of the jet to sit up at an angle, rather than flat. Then we designed a frame to go on top of the pallet and hold up the load, and shock-absorbing foam bracing to support it. Then we built the crate around the frame and the load.

This new custom crating solution fit within all height and width restrictions, meaning it was no longer considered an oversized load. The customer didn’t need the police escort, and the transportation costs became much more manageable.