Why a Custom Crate is Worth the Extra Cost

When deciding whether or not to go custom, cost is likely a top consideration. Custom crates do cost more, but the benefits are worth the added investment. After all, consider that your business relies on the safe transport of your products. When goods are damaged, you lose money, and it can hurt your reputation, costing you customers. Crates that are specifically designed for the specifications of your products will help reduce this loss. Reputable custom crate manufacturers have experienced designers and software that help to engineer your best possible crating solution. 

When Should You Go Custom?

A standard pallet is “48 x 40″ and can hold quite a heavy load depending on the type of wood and quality of construction. They are the foundation of global shipping. But not all items can be shipped on standard pallets. If your product is too large to fit on the standard size, it will need a larger platform. If it is too heavy, then it needs added support. Size and weight are not the only considerations for choosing whether to order a custom crate. They are also useful for particularly fragile or valuable goods. Compared to the standard pallets, custom crates offer far more of a superior protection for their contents. Custom crates can truly be designed to meet your exact packaging, shipping and storage needs. In short, a custom crating solution can:

  • Accommodate large or heavy items
  • Protect your products from damage
  • Prevent product loss
  • Optimize warehouse space
  • Maintain compatibility with loaders and forklifts

Custom Crate Perks

When you order a custom crate, you get exactly what you need. Experienced designers use the knowledge they have gained in the industry, along with software, to engineer a solution specific to the particulars of your product and shipping needs. Custom crate options may include:

  • Knockdown crating
  • Cradle system
  • Bolted sides
  • ISPM-15 certification
  • Forklift compatibility

 You may worry that the time it takes to do so can be cumbersome, putting you behind schedule. The whole process, however, can be completed in as little as five days, which helps to keep you on schedule.

Custom crating can provide a huge advantage to your business if you produce goods that require extra care than cannot be supplied by a standard pallet. A custom crate solution, engineered by an experienced designer, will help you safely transport large, heavy and/or fragile items and protect against product damage.